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Thanks for visiting the site, online home of writer Debra Pickett and her heroines: women who aren’t afraid of being difficult. This is a place to escape from the world that expects you be equal parts CEO, homemaker, earth mother, triathlete and starlet and instead to imagine what your life might be like if you stopped measuring yourself by other people’s standards. What if you could be really excellent at one thing and not feel bad about letting other things go? What if you could see something wrong in the world and make it right?

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Reporting Lives

Television journalist Sara Simone has just landed a huge story, the one she’s sure will propel her from her local news job in Chicago straight to a network anchor chair. But, when her reporting takes her to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, she finds herself unable to maintain her usual cool distance from tragedy. Her great talent, getting grieving relatives on camera, doing those wretched “how do you feel?” interviews, seems not just inadequate, but actually wrong.

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“Woven from the threads of her own life as a newswoman and a deep familiarity with Kenya, Debra Pickett's debut novel is the literary version of a carefully crafted Kente cloth. Nothing is predictable in this shrewdly plotted book about values, choices, Africa and America. Moreover, you will dawdle as you come to the last pages because you won't want to leave the side of Pickett's fascinating heroine.” Margo Howard, "Dear Margo" for Creators Syndicate