The playlist for ‘Reporting Lives’

Most of the songs here are pretty typical examples of Kenyan popular music, especially as it was being played when Debra was traveling the country, researching REPORTING LIVES.  Two songs, though, she notes are “outliers … Songs that made no particular sense in the context of East Africa, yet were blaring from the speakers of matatus and boom boxes everywhere I turned.”  She also couldn’t resist including the ubiquitous “Jambo Bwana,” played over and over at every tourist trap and “rest stop” one might ever visit, and the sort of song that gets stuck in your head for days at a time.

Below are some of the music videos from Youtube – enjoy!

Download Playlist as a PDF

Otenga by Kenge Kenge

Kothbiro by Ayub Ogada

Dunia Ina Mambo by Eric Wainaina

Unbwogable by Gidi Gidi Maji Maji

Mama Africa by Suzanna Owiyo

Vunja Mifupa by Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga

Jakolando by Extra Golden

Usinibore by Just A Band

Lazizi by Sauti Sol

Zunguzung by Yellowman

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!

Jambo Bwana by Them Mushrooms