Reporting Lives Book Tour, Part Two

I’ve wrapped up holiday hosting (which, this year, went from Christmas to Martin Luther King Day) and landed a big new client for my legal PR firm, so, lest I find myself with a surfeit of free time, this seems like the moment to launch BOOK TOUR, PART TWO.  And, since it’s winter in Wisconsin, this is the kind of book tour that doesn’t involve getting out much.  I hope you’ll join the [mostly] virtual caravan.

Sunday, February 8
3:00 - 5:00 pm
Mother/Daughter Book Tea
My House
(Invite only; email me for details)

Monday, February 9
Blog visits:

Pia Kealey’s Blog: Truth is Livelier Than Fiction

Philip ‘Norvaljoe’ Carroll’s Blog: I’d Like to Retire, Someday

Tuesday, February 10
Blog visit:

Janelle Kahele’s Blog: Fancy You Stopped In

Thursday, February 12
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Elite Author Spotlight

Beppe DM Books Blog

Friday, February 13
Blog visit:

Sacred Solace Book Reviews

Thursday, February 26

7:00 - 8:00 pm
Lecture and Discussion: “Balance is BS
Waunakee Public Library
710 South Street, Waunakee, WI