We Called It “Thursday”

What’s a typical day like for your family?  I decided to actually keep track of where the time went one day last week.

6:40 am One by one, sleepy boys emerge from their room and pile into bed with my husband and me.

7:00 am I’m up! Start breakfast and pack lunches, while big boys work on Lego projects and little one snuggles a little longer with Dad.

7:30 am Breakfast: oatmeal, bananas and sandwiches made with waffles and pumpkin butter.

7:45 am Husband heads out to work.  The rest of us are just starting to get dressed.

8:00 am Three boys and I are out the door, heading for school.

8:20 am Boys dropped off at their respective schools, I head to Starbucks for coffee and blueberry oatmeal.

8:45 am Park in front of client’s office, finish eating oatmeal and put on makeup.

9:00 am Meeting with client.

9:54 am Cell phone rings with call from preschool.  I’m leading the meeting and can’t stop to answer it, but figure I’ll break in fifteen minutes.

10:15 am Husband texts that school has called him, too, and he’s already on his way to pick up sick little one.

11:00 am Wrap up meeting with client.  Once in car, call doctor’s office.

11:30 am Pick up little one from home, where he’s fallen asleep in our bed while husband works on his laptop, and bring to doctor’s office.

12:15 pm Check up confirms ruptured ear drum.

12:30 pm Afternoon nanny meets us at doctor’s office and takes little one home for lunch.

1:00 pm Call with another client, while sitting in my car in a parking lot near doctor’s office.

2:00 pm Heading to Target to fill prescription for little one’s ear.  Eat lunch and grocery shop there while waiting for prescription.

3:15 pm Groceries in insulated bags in back of car. Realize heading to downtown office will just waste time, so decide to work from a Starbucks instead.

3:30 pm Run into UPS store to ship baby gift for a friend.

3:45 pm Starbucks!  Non-fat, no whip mocha.  Also, emails, expense report and a couple of documents to edit.

5:00 pm Heading home.

5:15 pm Sitting in car, outside of our place, call public radio to make our pledge.

5:20 pm Bring in groceries, get hugs from boys, give extra kisses to little one, pre heat oven for dinner.

5:30 pm Nanny leaves; husband arrives home.

6:00 pm Dinner is served: chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus, rice and peas.  Plus, pie for dessert.  Because it was 3/14. Pi Day. Get it?

6:30 pm Homework with 6 year old, little brothers get into pajamas.

6:45 pm Everyone picks up toys.

7:00 pm Reading time.

7:15 pm Boys brush teeth and get tucked in.

7:30 pm I read a couple chapters from The Borrowers out loud to them as they fall asleep.

8:00 pm Husband cleans up kitchen.  I finish putting away groceries and all my work stuff, change into pajamas.

9:00 pm Grown ups get to drink and watch a Netflix movie!