Photos from the Chicago Book Launch Party

Friday is “Pizza and Movie Night” at our house, so it’s a pretty big deal and I almost never miss one.  (Because, really, who wouldn’t want the chance to watch an animated movie for the 320th time while snuggling on the couch with three popcorn-snarfing little boys?) 

So, last week, when I told my kids that I was going to have to go out on Friday night, they wanted to know why.  I explained that it was for the Chicago launch of my book.  And they looked all smiley and wide-eyed in response.  So awesome, I thought, that they are so proud of my writing career.  Then, I realized my mistake.

Launch?” asked my six-year-old future aerospace engineer. “Really?
“Oh,” I backtracked, “Not like a rocket launch.  It’s just a party.”
“With games?” asked my about-to-be-five-year-old.
“No,” I sighed.  “It’s really just a bunch of grown ups, standing around talking.”
“That sounds like a terrible party,” said my seven-year-old, with genuine sympathy for the total lame-ness of my planned evening away from them.

Well, I’m pleased to say that, just this once, my eldest child was wrong.  It was actually a really lovely party, despite being held on a rooftop on the coldest September evening anyone could remember.

I signed some books, raised a little money for Global Alliance for Africa, and enjoyed some time with wonderful friends and colleagues.  Excellent champagne was consumed (thank you, Peter Goldman) and, to top it all off, I actually got to spend the night in a hotel in downtown Chicago with my handsome husband and *zero* small children to wake us up super-early the next morning.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Julia Thiel.

general scene, party

Note that most people were in coats (or at least sweaters.) Not me. I bought this outfit and I didn’t want to have to wait to write another book before I could wear it!

book party

Signing a book for Ashley McAllister, super cool mom of three who has not fled the city. Ahem.

signing a book

The beautiful, sharply dressed woman on my left? Debra T. Pickett. Also a Chicago writer with a new book.  And mom of 4 boys. Ahem.

chatting at party

Trading secrets with Wes Owen, who knows how to sell things.  (And also has known my husband since he was a teen-ager.)


“Don’t look so skeptical, Mark Brown, it really did take THIS long to write my book.”


Toasting a wonderful evening.  Because I really am just crazy lucky to have such great friends and such an amazing life.