A Letter to My Friends

Dear Friends,

Many, many thanks to all of you who’ve shared your enthusiasm for my book.  I’m ridiculously proud of this book and incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received throughout the long, long journey from idea to bookshelf. 

Just wanted to send a brief update to let you know that REPORTING LIVES is now available in several formats: hardcover, trade paperback and Kindle.  All of these are available for purchase on Amazon here:

I’d love to have your help in spreading the word.  Here’s what you can do:

    1.) Share details about the book via Facebook and other social media.  The link to the promotional trailer for the book is here:
    2.) Write a review of the book, once you’ve read it, on Amazon and/or Goodreads.  You can post an Amazon review via this link:
    3.) Recommend REPORTING LIVES to book groups and other big readers.  My website features discussion guides and lots of extra material for those interested in talking about the book with friends.  That stuff is available here:
    4.) Send me the name of your favorite bookseller and/or librarian.  I’m working with my agent and publisher now to schedule a fall book tour and I’d be thrilled to add your local bookstore, library or coffee house as a stop.  Just let me know your ideas and we’ll work on adding those spots to the itinerary.

As many of you know, this book has been 10 years in the making.  The time spent working on it might otherwise have been devoted to things like sleeping, keeping up with popular culture and/or hanging out with you.  So, for my exhausted crabbiness, total ignorance of the entire Bachelor franchise and annoyingly limited social calendar, not to mention all the cloying “help me promote my book” messages like this one, I sincerely apologize.  Can I make it up to you with a rocking Chicago book party? (SAVE THE DATE: Friday, Sept. 12)

Again, many thanks and I hope I’ll see you there!