Remembering My Granddad

It’s Veteran’s Day and I’m taking a moment in honor of my grandfather, who passed away this weekend.  He was a World War II vet with a fantastic D-Day story and, actually, a fantastic story for just about everything he ever did.  I’d like to think I take after him, but the truth is that I’ll never quite have his easy charm.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 11/11 at 08:59 AM

Weight, Weight ... Don’t Tell Me

We all have our struggles.  Mine—let’s be clear—barely even register as such, on the relative scale of things-in-the-world-worth-worrying-about.  And, in a weird way, this makes me feel even worse about things, because I am so privileged and so lucky in so many ways that I feel guilty for not having my sh*t together in all areas of life.  Because, really, it ought to be easy.

But the truth is that I am absolutely terrible about managing my weight.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 11/03 at 01:25 PM