CSA Love Affair, Movie Montage Edition

In a development strangely consistent with my rather checkered romantic history, it took about 4 weeks for my passionate love affair with our Community Supported Agriculture membership to peter out.  (Incidentally, I have been married for 9 years now, so I did, eventually, figure out the whole commitment thing. But it took a while.)  I’ve moved on from the “document every brilliantly crafted, organic veggie-based meal” phase to the “movie montage” phase. You know, how they show a few short scenes (walk on beach, shared dessert, adorable sportiness in the park, fireside cuddle) to substitute for documenting the long, slow development of a romantic relationship?  We all understand that they’ve edited out the stupid arguments and other inevitable missteps.  Well, this is like that.  But with fresh produce.  And let’s all just skip over the nights that the kids ate from-the-box mac and cheese, shall we?

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 07/15 at 05:14 PM

On Not Having It All, But Having A Lot

While I am very much in favor of getting real on the whole notion of “having it all,” I’ve got to say that this week’s comments from the CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, kind of bowled me over.

“You might be president of PepsiCo. You might be on the board of directors. But when you enter this house, you’re the wife, you’re the daughter, you’re the daughter-in-law, you’re the mother. You’re all of that. Nobody else can take that place. So leave that damned crown in the garage. And don’t bring it into the house.”

There’s like 47 different kinds of f-ed-up-itude going on there.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 07/03 at 12:13 AM