Where I Am Now (A Photo Essay)

Life takes unexpected turns. Mine, most recently, has led me northwest, into the Wisconsin woods.  I’m still in Chicago at least once a week for work meetings and events.  But my home is here now.  And this is the place, I hope, where my boys will grow up.  I believed, going in to this latest adventure, that it was the right thing for my kids: great public schools, room to play, nature at our doorstep, a better quality of life all around.  I wasn’t sure, though, that the rural life would be a good thing for me.  I thought, in fact, that I was making a sacrifice for my family.  Instead, though, I am already falling in love with the beauty of this place.  I am, unexpectedly, home.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 10/18 at 09:58 AM

On Terror in Kenya

The recent attacks in Kenya weigh heavily on my mind.  Partly because the “bad guys” are the same ones I conjured up in my novel.  But, moreover, because I once judged the people who were the attack’s victims.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 10/16 at 04:28 PM