The Right to Bare Arms, Sure. But Is It Appropriate?

Of the many new senses I’ve developed with age – now, for example, I really can smell something and determine, with authority, that it’s gone bad, a skill that would SO have come in handy during the poverty years – my least favorite is this highly attuned “appropriate-ness” radar I seem to suddenly have going on.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 06/18 at 09:35 PM

Why I Love Physical Books (And Why You Should Buy My eBook)

I love books.  And, to be clear: when I say this, I mean actual, physical books.  The objects.  I like going to bookstores and thumbing through their pages.  I like hanging out in libraries, exploring the stacks and searching for hidden treasures.  I like curling up with a kid – or three – nestled in my lap, peering at the pages as we read together.  I like checking in on my sleeping boys to see books propped open in their beds.  I like to flip open my favorites to their dog-eared pages, the ones with the passages of incredible prose that inspired me to become a writer myself and run my fingers over the well-worn type.  I even love the smell of books.

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Posted by Debra Pickett on 06/01 at 10:50 AM